Parabolic springs have leaves with a tapered profile. Each parabolic leaf has the same shape & function of a complete multi-leaf spring – thick at the center and thinner at the outer ends. This means that a single parabolic leaf is able to cope with the same forces inside the leaf as a complete conventional multi-leaf or more spring. 


The ideal parabolic spring only requires one single leaf but for safety reasons Australian designed 4WD parabolic springs have a minimum of two leaves. The second leaf is a wrap style leaf acting as a safeguard in the unlikely event of a breakage. 100% compatible with standard suspension fittings.


  • Greatly improved ride comfort over multi-leaf equivalent
  • Inter-leaf poly blocks
  • Silencer pad on overload leaf
  • Shot peened to prevent sagging
  • Greatly reduces unsprung weight
  • 3 year / 100, 000km warranty