King’s new line of Original equipment manufacturer, (OEM), Shock upgrade kits provide a bolt on suspension system that elevates your on and off-road performance to unmatched levels. Each kit has been subjected to punishing real world testing to develop the optimal damping curves and spring rates for your vehicle. Built with the same quality of materials and precise tolerances found on our high end race Shocks our OEM upgrade kits enable you to experience the famous King ride quality on your daily driver or prerunner


  • King’s new adjustable shocks give you more off-road control by affecting your high-speed compression. Each of the twenty levels of adjustment offers precise compression damping control ranging from very soft to very firm.
  • King specializes in custom application shocks. Most shocks can be made for custom fitment.


2.0 / 2.5 / 3.0 – UNIVERSAL SERIES

King Coil Over Shocks provide the highest level of performance damping and suspension control for your vehicle. Their design allows for a space saving solution to your suspension mounting needs as they incorporate both the coil spring and shock absorber in one package.

They are used as a primary suspension member to carry the weight of the vehicle and to maintain ride height while providing the adjustable valving and high quality ride characteristics King is famous for. All of our coil over shocks are custom made for your application.

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