We manufacture our Multi-Leaf Springs from high-quality Japanese grade SUP9 & SUP9A alloyed carbon spring steel. While our range caters to those looking for maximum comfort, we also produce a range of springs for heavy-duty load-carrying purposes. 

All EFS leaf springs incorporate special features like tapered leaf ends, to give you the smoothest ride on-road possible. They also offer increased control off-road with greater articulation and clearance.

Presently EFS springs are available in 30mm to 80mm raised heights from a slight increase to a significant increase in spring rates over OE*. 

*OE = Original Equipment – i.e. the manufacturing specs for your vehicle 


  • Tapered leaf ends. This reduces the inter-leaf friction & improves pressure distribution in the load-bearing area 
  • Bolt clip liners – to reduce noise & friction 
  • Shot peened & scragged tested – to reduce stress & ensure longevity 
  • Leaf insert pads – for further reduction of friction 
  • Bolt clips & military wraps – To prevent leaf spread & provide safety 
  • 3 year/100,000 km warranty 


Our design engineers ensure that all our leaf springs are designed specifically for each vehicle model, with consideration given to the load and height requirements for each application.

dobinsons leaf springs


We are a reseller of DOBINSONS, we have their full range of products

Our range includes raised and heavy duty leaf springs for 4×4’s, heavy duty and parabolic replacement leaf springs for trucks and commercial vehicles, plus raised and replacement leaf springs for 4×2 utilities and passenger vehicles. In most cases there are multiple options available to ensure the correct leaf spring is available to meet most requirements.



Ironman 4×4 leaf springs are produced from high-quality steel that is shot peened and load tested to ensure maximum longevity.  We offer leaf springs in performance and constant loads to ensure your ride matches your riding style both on and off-road.  Our leaf springs are also available in kits that come with everything you need including polyurethane bushings and longer U-bolts, making for an easier install!

Ironman 4×4 also offers Load Plus helper spring kits.  These provide a cost effective way to quickly and easily improve the load carrying characteristics of your vehicle. Perfect for trade vehicles, couriers or even the family vehicle, Load Plus allows you to progressively adjust the leaf springs of your vehicle to better manage heavy loads.


Designed in Australia, Tough Dog leaf springs offer a spring pack for just about any application you might require. Our springs are a proven performer in any situation.

Tough Dog leaf springs are a truly progressive rate leaf spring. Each leaf is set slightly higher than the leaf above so there is contact along the whole length of each leaf. There are single stage and two stage springs available for different applications. Primary and secondary stage leaves ensure that the vehicle’s ride remains uncompromised. As the spring is compressed under load, the heavier second stage leaves come into play to prevent excessive sag & remove high stresses from the primary stage.


  • Precision mandrel & die-formed
  • Oil quenched, hardened & tempered for maximum life.
  • Military wrap for safety
  • Accurately heat-treated
  • Manufactured from high grade spring steel
  • Anti-friction pads in most applications
  • Pre-stressed to maintain ride height
  • Diamond cut ends
  • Load rate tested
  • 4 Year / unlimited km Recreational warranty (Conditions Apply)
  • 3 Year / unlimited km Commercial warranty (Conditions Apply)