Safari Extreme Duty Oil Cooler Systems

Safari’s comprehensive and highly effective engine oil cooling system significantly lowers engine oil temperatures during the most arduous high load driving conditions.

Moreover, the Safari Oil Cooler System is designed specifically for armoured vehicle applications both in terms of performance and component location which is totally inside the armoured engine bay envelope.

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engine components are kept clean. 
The Safari ARMAX Oil Separator ensures the durability of engine components are increased as well as preventing oil build up inside the intercooler. 
Designed for OE and/or high output applications, the system includes a high flow filter element to ensure peak performance is always achieved from the system. 
An important feature of the Safari ARMAX Oil Separator is that the system is fully sealed and internally bypassed to ensure you have a completely road legal solution. 

  • Crank case oil vapour separation 
  • Reduces intake carbon build up 
  • Allows clean air delivery to engine 
  • Maintains performance and fuel consumption 
  • Reduces engine oil contamination 
  • Reduces intercooler outlet temperatures 
  • Serviceable filter 
  • Fully sealed and internally bypassed


Designed specifically to reduce excessive transmission heat caused by towing, carrying loads and driving in sand, snow, off-road or hot conditions.

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Due to the extreme heat generated in an automatic transmission, an auxiliary oil cooler is an economical and efficient way to help protect against costly transmission repairs.
Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) cools, lubricates and cleans internal transmission components. When transmission components exceed 93°C (200°F) the performance of ATF is seriously compromised.

Subsequently the life span of the ATF, seals and internal components of the transmission are significantly reduced. Higher internal temperatures also increase the wear rate of the friction and clutch plates.

Direction-Plus™ transmission coolers can reduce the temperature of the ATF by as much as 33°C. A reduction of 11°C can double the life expectancy of the transmission, ATF and all internal components.