YaMate Sensor Head Torch

YaMate Sensor Head Torch

The Australian environment doesn’t allow for poor quality gear. We offer a full range of EFS camping accessories for the serious tourer. From awnings to lighting and compressors.

EFS YA MATE MOTION ACTIVATED SENSOR HEAD TORCH is the perfect head torch for any situation. From night fishing, hunting, camping, reading, working on cars or tractors – the scope for this torch is endless. The EFS Ya’mate sensor head torch is rechargeable via USB & the motion activated sensor allows the ease of turning light on and off while hands are dirty. Plus has a 60-degree adjustment. Remove the torch strap from the EFS YA MATE sensor head torch and this item can be attached to any metal surface with its strong magnetic base.


Run Time: up to 3.5 hours
3 Modes:
Mode1 –  300 LM – 3Hr
Mode 2 –  250 LM –  3.5 Hr
Mode 3 – 480 LM – 1.5 Hr
Charging Time: 3h (with USB)
Charging Cable: 1m length included
Max Output: 5 V DC 1 A
Battery: Lithum battery
Weight: 100g
Headband: 12-22cm

1 year limited warranty
*Batteries not covered by warranty


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